There are very few platforms out there which provide all the latest and high quality content to its viewers and one such platform is the 123Movies. It is one of the popular name in the internet community for providing Unblocked Movies.

Who doesn’t know about 123Movies, it is on of the most popular site for streaming movie online. They have the largest collection of all the latest as well as old movies, not only this they are having the fastest severs which provides best streaming experience without any lag.

They have a very good user interface, the structure of the menu is also very good with all the movies arranged in such a manner that you can access them easily. One can even use the search bar to get the desired movie quickly.

123Movies also has a good collection of anime, so if you are anime fan then this is the heaven for you.

And due to all these reasons 123 movies was in the top results in google for strings like “Free movies to watch”, “watch free movies online”, “best site to watch movies online”, “watch movies online for free”, “watch movies now” etc. and so on. The reason of the site of being so much popular is that one can watch movie in HD on the very next day of it’s release. That’s why it was one of the best website for Unblocked Movies online and this was also the reason for its ban in UK, USA and many other countries too.

After the ban all the craved users started to find an alternate road to get to the site and now the searches turned down to strings like “123movies proxy usa”, “123movies proxy list uk”, “123 movies proxy uk”, “123 movies proxy ru”, “123movies proxy server list”, “123movies proxy unblocked”, “123movies proxy twitter”, “123movies proxy server”, “123movies proxy eu”, “123movies proxy site”, “ proxy” and “ proxy”. And this shows the craving of the users. So, now let’s find out the ways to access 123Movies :

Update: 123Movies has now rebranded itself as GoMovies. So, if you get redirected to that site while trying to access or, it’s perfectly normal. According to 123Movies official Twitter account,“We’re back at – This is our Official Domain – new Home for 123Movies users. Old data remains the same. Please spread.”

123movies Proxy

There are 2 ways to access 123movies Proxy/GoMovies Online :

  • By using VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • By using Proxy (123movies Proxy Site)

Both of these i.e. VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Proxy are the best ways to connect to any of the website which is ban in your respective country. Otherwise you have to wait and watch by paying some bucks.

1. By using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggest’s VPN is used to create a private network. So that your ISP cannot trace what are you accessing through your network.

The work of VPN is to encrypt the data and provide it to your ISP, by doing this no one gets the idea of what you have accessed. Not only this VPN many other features so that your data can be secured well.

So, one should choose VPN for accessing the 123movies Unblocked as the configuration of VPN depends from connection to connection. And one can easily choose the most premium options for more security.

But the drawback of using VPN is that one may suffer of buffering if you not choose a good service provider. As there are allot of technicalities involved in connecting from another country. So, one should choose the best VPN provider.

123movies Proxy

How to connect to 123movies by using VPN ?

Now, the question arises : How to connect to 123movies by using VPN ? The answer is simple just follow the below steps :

  1. Download the best VPN Provider with best suitable plan.
  2. Open there respective App.
  3. Turn on the VPN Service.
  4. Connect to the country where 123movies unblocked.
  5. Open your browser and stream your movie.

That’s it, now you can stream your movie and nothing technical is required in this.

Best VPN Service Providers :

  1. Private Internet Access
  2. TunnelBear VPN
  3. IP Vanish
  4. Nord VPN
  5. Speedify

These are Top 5 VPN providers according to So, you can choose one of these but choose according to your budget and usage.

2. By using Proxy (123movies Proxy Site)/ 123movies Unblocked Mirror Sites

The other way to get access to 123movies Unblocked is by using 123movies Proxy Sites. A proxy or a mirror site is an copy of the original site. So, in our case an 123movies Proxy site is an mirror image of the 123movies sites. These site’s are also maintained and run by the owners of the 123movies as an backup plan.

The reason of using these Proxy/Mirror sites is that no one wants to loose there visitors and same is the case with the owners of 123movies. So, they create proxy sites so that can get maximum of visitors.

So, if your government has blocked this site then you can access the 123movies unblocked by using 123movies Proxy and no one will get an idea about it. Even your ISP will not have any idea about it.

This list of 123movies Proxy Sites/ 123movies Unblocked Sites is as follows :




So, you can choose from the list provided above, may be sometime one of the proxy site isn’t working but there is nothing to worry about. As, there are ample of sites out there and definitely one or other site will be in working condition how much bad day you may be having.So, you can choose from the list provided above, may be sometime one of the proxy site isn’t working but there is nothing to worry about. As, there are ample of sites out there and definitely one or other site will be in working condition how much bad day you may be having.

Concluding Words :

So, this was all about how to access the Unblocked 123movies online. Here we shared the working two methods i.e. By using VPN (Virtual Private Network) and By using Proxy (123movies Proxy Site). Both of these methods are the best ways to access the 123movies Proxy sites at School. Not only in school but in any country where the 123movies is blocked.
Concluding Words :

By working on these two methods one can access the 123movies Proxy sites in UK, 123movies Proxy sites in USA, 123movies Proxy sites in Russia, 123movies Proxy sites in India etc.

Please let us know how much you liked about article on 123Movies Free Unblocked Movies – Proxies and Mirrors in the comment section below or if we missed something.

Thank You!

Disclaimer : This post is only for educational purpose and we do not support piracy in any way. This article teaches how to unblock a specific website.


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